NYMAG: Can’t Live Without It!

150 150 Lauren Kennedy

My favorite website that I peruse daily is nymag.com. It has been a tool that has changed my life for the better. Living in Dallas, it is a resource that connects me to the inside scoop of daily fashion news or entertainment updates that I do not necessarily hear about on the streets. And when I live in New York City, it is a resource that informs me of everything and anything I need to know about this place full of culture and thriving opportunity. It breaks Manhattan down in order to diminish its seemingly overwhelming effects. I resort to this website to find out what to do on my day off in New York and how I can take advantage of every moment here. I learn about new openings of restaurants with full access to reviews. It is an epicenter of information ranging from episode blogs about this week’s Gossip Girl to Obama’s relations in the Middle East. And for the shopper out there, it posts updates daily on designer sample sales or clearance opportunities. It is a place that reflects the greatness of the center of the world. It is a website that is especially important for those in the entertainment industry, and it is a way to begin planning an unforgettable social calendar.

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