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150 150 Lauren Kennedy

A wise person once told me that walking with purpose creates energy and influences others. I believe it, and I want to live in such a way.

I adore everything about this essemble…everything. I never knew a chambray shirt could inspire me as much as it is. Work this look for spring.

Navy and black, stovepipe trousers, doubled breasted velvet, and BLONDE. Walk this way.

pic, altamira blog

Khaki gives us a little break from denim for spring. We may need it every now and then since head to toe denim is being thrown into the mix. Bold neutrals go a long way. Take advantage.

pic, the sartorialist

Thank you Ralph. Motorcycle seams on khaki: genius. I’m glad it’s not rude to stare at pictures.

pic, the sartorialist

I’m ready to be amidst the streets of speeding gold again.

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