reversing self imposed bondage…putting an end to being the same.

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Hanneli Mustaparta

I have too often heard these precise words: “I like this shirt/skirt/jeans/pair of sunglasses/fill in the blank, but I could never pull it off.” My question to you is, hOw Do yOu KnOw? and why not?? Assumptions are almost never based in truth, and lies are almost always tied to a fear. 
Is your Fashion Fear connected to something deeper?? Yes, the term “fashion” is often dubbed a synonym to vanity, but I beg to wonder if this negative label is excused as an accurate connotation in order to avoid an avenue that requires vulnerability and personal exposure to the public. 
I believe all of this hiding and self consciousness comes from an unreachable standard that we have all created, yet it is something we all claim to despise. so let’s put an end to it. 
Our society needs to stop camoflauging into our idols. Instead, we must learn that the result of inspiration is not being a copy-cat, but rather it should be used to motivate our individual visions and further cultivate our personalities. 
Challenge for SS 2010: rock the look you think you could never pull off. there is freedom in self expression, in risk taking, and in conquering the challenge.
Hanneli Mustaparta

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