strides to good behavior.

150 150 Lauren Kennedy
the blazer: it’s always forgiving.
Hanneli Mustaparta exemplifies menswear in its most epic form–epic meaning unbelievably chic and current. Who said high color contrast was necessary for rallying attention? Rather, contrast silhouettes. In this case: tailored and slouchy make a perfect match.
pic, Hanneli Mustaparta
Kick it back in decades and comfortability. Take notice of your shape, and pick the correct jacket length. The boyfriend blazer is perfect with some old school jeans and and stiletto booties. Remember: the longer the jacket, the higher the heel should be.

Anna Selezneva, models
Head turning happens with simple pieces. Black blazer on black is anything but depressing. Don’t be afraid to incorporate accessories that carry stereotypical attribution because they only add spice to your life. 

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