catch the wave.

150 150 Lauren Kennedy

the ocean is one of the most welcoming places in the world. it gives sun, relaxation, and serenity. in its generosity, the beach can take the credit for the sun kissed look that has shaped the all american image. who knew nature had such contribution to classic fashion?

standing as one of the most popular vacation spots, this magical place has an unexplainable power to eliminate stress by bringing out the free spirit that every person obtains. so is it possible that incorporating hints of the beach life in your wardrobe would bring out the free spirit just as the beach itself does? find out for yourself…

 pic, vogue and fashionising
summer is a season of exploration. in the embrace of this truth, professing your inner surfer dude can be quite feminine. whether its in your swim suit or your dressy ensembles, there is always room for splashes of this classic look. take note: a surf board will only add credibilty to this experiment. hang loose!

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