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style is the way you eat, work, and play.

it’s time to get serious about what we put in our bodies. did you know our gut is classified as our second brain? it contains 95% of the serotonin in our body. therefore, chowing down not only controls your weight, it dictates your mental functions, your levels of depression, your hormones, and all aspects of your appearance.

attack your trouble areas with food. my favorite foods and tips to help you feel and look your best: 

bounce back after a workout: quinoa: a complete protein
balance the pH of your skin and fight acne: carrots
my favorite snack: hard boiled eggs and red peppers
for fuller, healthier hair: lean meats and whole grains
get a golden glow: half a sweet potato a day
settle your nerves with oatmeal
best yogurt: fage 0% greek yogurt
indulgence: chocolate. the darker the better.
green tea: goji berry green tea from The Cultured Cup: packed with antioxidants and flavor.

don’t worry, be happy

these foods may sound unappealing, but i challenge you to replace the high levels of corn syrup and processed sugar that hide in entrees that are not classified as sweets, and soon your body will crave what is healthy.

the KEY: don’t deprive yourself of your favorites, just make them treats instead of regulars. train your body to crave true nutrients. the guarantee: your body will thank you and your confidence will soar.

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