back to the classics.

150 150 Lauren Kennedy

hone in on the minimalist front by using camel as your pop color and silhouette perfection as your eye-catching tactic. during most neutralist waves, the lip or nail shade usually serve as the add-a-little-spice accent, but this fall, the more absence of pigment, the better. take a gander: the lips stay nude while the nails incorporate a light cacao, chocolate mousse hue if you will? ensembles are monochromatic yet sizzling in the chic department, and winter white is oh-so-bright for the season (yes, the white after Easter rule is long gone).

immerse in camels, nudes, chocolates, black, caramels, and whites, AKA classic colors.

invest in classic pieces rather than trendy items.

focus on fit.

simplicity is more.

handle the upcoming shift in seasons with blazers, knee length skirts, wide leg trousers, ruffled blouses, capes, skinny belts, low kitten heels, classic satchels, and uber-feminine menswear.

elle august 2010

vogue germany

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