DIY: Friendship Bracelets

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Layering colorful cords is the happening accessory statement these days, and with the prices rising on these little pieces, I found a super simple way to make your own! The best part: these homemade bracelets work for all ages, styles, and personalities.

For the professionals and moms alike, these are uber-chic to wear with a nice watch to work or with a cute blouse on a double date night, but they can translate on the cuff into a cutesy project for your daughters too! Or, stumped on a gift idea? “It’s just the thought that counts” is simply a bonus!

Follow Sophie Okulick’s guide to making these happy wristlets! Whether it’s a random “thinking of you” present, or a party favor, these will step your style up a notch with a sentimental touch.

What you’ll need:


-31/2 ft of colorful cord

-2 inches of chain link

-1 small bolt that matches the chain


Step 1 – Cut your rope into two equal sections, fold one piece in half and string through one end of your chain link tying a loop knot

Step 2 – With the same rope now attached, tie a loose double knot where your bolt closure will go through.

Step 3 – Repeat step 2 with the other piece of rope tying a few knots to keep your blot from sliding down the rope.

Step 4 – String your bolt though and tie a few tight knots to hold the bolt in place

Step 5 – Cut the remaining string on both ends.

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