Hey Curly Girls, I’ve Got Some Tips for You!

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Being a curly-haired girl, I have always longed for an advice column. Sometimes curls can be tough or frustrating, but in the end, they are wonderful. For all you girls out there with curly locks, I have some tips for you! From one curly girl to the next, let’s tame that frizz.

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Air drying is ideal.

Give yourself a little time in the morning to let those curls dry on their own. In a rush, a diffuser is your best option.


I have always been a fan. But remember, you can go wrong by putting too much in.

Leave-in conditioner. It helps with those tangles, and makes your hair easy to manage! Aveeno Leave-In Treatment takes care of your curls.

Creme. Use on damp hair. Try any of the Bumble and Bumble Curl Conscious Cremes. Whether you have fine or tight curls, give it a shot. The product keeps your curls soft without giving that crunchy look.

Oil. I have recently become best friends with Moroccan Oil. Put this in your hair right out of the shower and use it once your curls have dried to go over those frizzies that seem to sneak up on you. WARNING: a little of this magic goes a long way, so make sure to use small amounts.

Hairspray. We all know that curls have a mind of their own. While some days they look fabulous, other days may require a little more control. Enter hairspray. A more flexible spray is ideal for your curls or when you may wear your hair straight. Dove Flexible Hold Hairspray allows hair movement and conditions your hair as well!

Don’t over shampoo.

Give your curls a break, and let them rest for a few days. Sleeping on a satin pillow case can help with the frizz that tends to come from a cotton one. Just add some water to those curls that didn’t make it through the night, and apply a touch of product to tame frizz. You can even use a curling iron if you want to help the shape of some curls cues.

Brazilian Blowout.

You may be wondering if this is worth it? YES. If you have super curly hair like myself or mild curls, the treatment does wonders. It is also good for girls who have thick hair as well. Tames the frizz! Check out the article here.

Until next time girls! Keep those curls beautiful!


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