One Simple Way to Tone Your Arms

460 288 Lauren Kennedy

Two months ago, I hit a work out wall. I was B-O-R-E-D. So I started boxing with the incredibly talented, hard-core Rudy Barrientes. Can I just say this has renewed my excitement for exercising? This fun, challenging, personally competitive and stress relieving addition has revealed to me that my body can perform to extremes that I never thought was possible.

I never expected these lessons would come with daily homework. I guess that resulted from my inability to do ten “real” pushups in my first session.

Here is the assignment that took my arms to a whole new level: Do 100 pushups a day for one week. You can spread them out. Make sure your form is correct. The next week, increase to 150 pushups a day, and  increase to 200 the following week. Once you have hit this point, maintain the pattern every day or every other day. Now I do 200 pushups in every session, and my arms have dramatically toned up without adding bulk!

Make this a part of your everyday routine! Side note: push-ups are guaranteed to strengthen your abs and chest as well.



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