Spike Your Metabolism with This Crunchy Low-Cal Snack!

500 375 Lauren Kennedy

I don’t know about you, but I always crave a snack with crunch, but most of the time, those options are swelling with calories and carbs. Plus, they are almost always highly addictive. So, I went searching for a new discovery, and all it took was a personal brainstorming session, which ultimately ended by combining two things my taste buds dearly love.

So what is this metabolism spiking snack you ask? Organic baby carrots + your favorite salsa. Take a bite before assuming the possible weirdness. 99.9% guarantee: you will be hooked, and your figure will reap the benefits!

Why carrots are awesome: promote eye health, natural teeth cleaner, rich in digestive tract-supporting fiber, loaded with Vitamin C and beta-carotene (the anti-ager!), prevents dry skin and acne

Why salsa is cool: low in calories, the spicy kind raises metabolism, nutrient packed, natural fat burner, cancer fighter

Salsa suggestions: make sure it is free of sugar and processed ingredients! Go for a totally pure concoction, such as my personal favorite, Mateo’s! You can buy it online or at a plethora of retailers. Find it here.

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