A Boutique Studio That Sculpts Muscles: Classic Pilates

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Is it just me, or does it seem that society is ditching much of the flair and going back to the basics, the fundamentals? The newly-opened Classic Pilates studio in the heart of Dallas reflects such an uprising concept, as it holds tightly to one simple philosophy:  they believe in the value of authentic forms of movement. Their primary goal is to share the radical benefits they have seen and experienced from Joseph H. Pilates’ authentic method (which has stood the test of time), and what’s better? The highly educated instructors are passionate about teaching you the “why” behind your work-outs.

You can always be assured to walk into this stand-alone boutique studio with a warm welcome, as it is tucked away in a private setting in Uptown with big open windows looking out onto the beautiful Lee Park. A goal in the aesthetics was to create an exercise home, where members feel relaxed and at ease, hence the built-out kitchen that links the studios with always-stocked healthy snacks (almonds and such!), wifi internet to answer a quick email before heading back to the office, and a vanity to freshen up before jumping back into reality! This environment allows you to sit. Breathe. Relax. Enjoy a cup of tea. Inspired yet?

Instructors Rachael Lieck Bryce and Joann Cuccurullo teach with the goal not only customize workouts to improve your individual wellness and physique, but to build a better body so you can enjoy your life to its fullest potential. At least that’s what I experienced! P.S. The results are mind-blowing, and the equipment is top notch. So whether you are an SMU student, a full-time mom, or a working professional, make this your new home away from home!

Did I mention the first class is free? If you are an early bird, try the Cup of Joe class, or dare to join in the Ring of Steel. Either way, your body will thank you. So, what will you try first? See detailed class schedule here. Next up for me: Barre Amped! Who will join me?

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