Behind the Scenes of Gossip Girl: Costume Designer Eric Daman Gives Us the Scoop

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Interning in the Gossip Girl wardrobe closet was the tipping point to my career path as it opened my eyes to a vast universe of fashion that was beyond my Dallas-ite exposure. My trek to Silvercup Studios every morning gave me just enough time to excitedly dream about what the day might hold as each moment in the costume department dove me into creativity that was beyond me, even when I was executing the most simplest of assignments.

What an honor it was to walk into a passion-filled, ridiculously talented, close-knit family-like environment, where each person taught me more than a task ever could. The best part: they were being themselves in their element. They all had different stories and different backgrounds but were bonded by a common thread: each person moved past fears, uncertainty, and sacrifice to pursue their innate skills, their creative capacities. This life-lesson went beyond assisting in cast fittings, labeling designer shipments, and all-day extravaganzas in the Serena-van-der-Jeep, venturing from designer showrooms to department stores to the off-sight set truck, but rather this internship brought me to a new level of reality. Glamour was all of the sudden redefined.

After all, a work environment reflects its leadership, and costume designer, Eric Daman, truly set the tone for the behind-the-scenes magic that has translated into one of America’s greatest measure of trends, Gossip Girl. His accomplishments are not limited to styling Blair Waldorf, as he has written a book on personal style, composed a Gossip-Girl themed window for Henri Bendel, and designed a line of party dresses at Charlotte Russe, where he maintains the creative director position. For more of the inside scoop, tune in to this exclusive interview, as I sit down with the man behind the clothes…

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