My Latest Addiction for Glowing Skin: DIY Lactic Hydrating Peel

237 480 Lauren Kennedy

You know the feeling of needing that morning pick-me-up or afternoon caffeine boost, which is satisfied by a Starbucks venti whatever-your-special-order-may-be drink? Well, I have a similar substance that does just this for your skin. In fact, it is a a new staple on my bathroom counter. No matter how wonderful your exfoliator is, there comes a time when pollution, stress, and sun damage override your daily face routine. In steps the pick-me-up: meet the Skin Organics Lactic Hydrating Peel. At $36 for a substantial amount, this skin-glowing wonder is like gold to me, and the best news: the price tag doesn’t reflect it.

This gentle, yet powerful at-home peel allows you to remove excess dead skin cells and brighten your complexion (for real!).  It also helps to lighten sun damage and prevent hormonal breakouts (yes, please). The way it works for me: wash your face to ensure a clean slate, and put 3 drops on each cheek, your forehead, and chin, spreading it evenly on your skin. Let it soak for a maximum of 45 minutes. The first few times may burn slightly, but that means it is working! Think of it as a spa treatment: sometime a little bit of pain is gain, no? Wash off with a warm towel. You will feel so refreshed, and your skin literally glows!

Go here to see where you can purchase this magical potion! Your local Whole Foods or Central Market will have it in stock.


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