A Delightful Find: The Seaweed Bath Co. Products

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It was a typical Saturday at Whole Foods. As I was headed to fill up my water bottles, I was distracted by the unbelievable aroma coming from the Seaweed Bath Company’s sample table. A double take turned into a highly intriguing conversation with owner Adam Grossman and his wife about the story behind the company and the great healing properties in seaweed bath products.

Long story short: Adam is a long-time psoriasis sufferer who spent thousands of dollars on ointments and medicines, tried numerous “miracle” treatments, and met with a slew of psoriasis specialist, only to find out that nothing was working. He did notice one interesting avenue for improvement, though: the ocean. Observing the impossibility of hanging out in the sea on a daily basis, Adam brought the healing properties of this natural h2O into a line of healing products. He couldn’t help but share the hope these creations brought, and that is how The Seaweed Bath Co. was born!

I am not a psoriasis sufferer, but I am absolutely smitten with these wildly natural products. I have a few favorites that I must share with you! First up: the seaweed body wash. This has become a shower staple. The best part? I know I am lathering my skin with nourishing oils, and the lavender smell makes my mind escape to my favorite spa.

Obsession #2: the shampoo (eucalyptus scent). Caution: you may experience that perfect bouncy voluminous shine that we thought was only possible in hair commercials (okay, maybe I am being a tad dramatic, but the outcome is pretty darn close!). I would like to rename this as the magical-mane potion because it truly does wonders on your hair! There is something about the seaweed extract + Moroccan Oil + Vitamin E oil combo that gives your locks that fresh clean feeling while giving it body; now that’s hard to come by! Major bonus: my blonde stays vibrant.

Last but certainly not least: I heart the body cream. This amazing-ness in a bottle is a non-negoticable. I admit, I am quite the lotion snob, and this product seriously out-measures my tip top (kind of unfair) standards for body cream. It is super moisturizing, smells so soothing, and contains some of the best natural oils for your skin.

For you health conscious cosmetic lovers, explore the Seaweed Bath Co. website. Read stories, explore the ravishing products (they have so many great ones!), and even sign up for their natural alternatives newsletter!

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