For the Weekend Cheat Day: LA’s Go Burger!

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If you’re like me, you have days where you crave nothing more than an all around amazing burger; and if you are going to have a “cheat day” from healthy food, it better be worth it, aka it better be perfectly cooked beef, perfectly complemented toppings, and toasted, (yet soft), bread.

My absolute favorite place to go for the BEST burgers in Los Angeles is GO BURGER on Sunset Boulevard. Each entrée is heaven on a plate. They have plenty of options to choose from; such as 100% Black Angus beef burgers, turkey burgers, salmon and house-made Veggie Falafel burgers, and 100% American Kobe beef hotdogs. The great thing about GO BURGER is that if you decide a “cheat day” is not an option for you, the Salmon or Veggie Falafel burgers are a healthier alternative. Being a frequent customer, the salads are scrumptious as well.

Once you have had any of the sides offered at GO BURGER, you will be dreaming about them in your sleep, (if you weren’t already drooling on your pillow while fantasizing about the burgers). Comfort food like Mac N’ Cheese and corn on the cob, and an array of fries; Skinny fries, Waffle fries, Sweet Potato fries, and Duck Fat fries. Yes, fries that are doubly fried in duck fat. Are you hearing the hallelujah angels yet? There are also yummy onion rings, cole slaw, and an arugula&radish salad.

Now, for the perfect meal topper, it is essential that you order one of their incredible milkshakes! They have choices for children in addition to adult selections when you need to wind down from a long day. Let me tell you from a personal taste test…the best shake I have had! Creamy and delicious, any of the GO BURGER shakes will be a perfect match to go with your meal, or a crowning dessert when you are done. GO BURGER has a casual and open environment with exceptional service, sure to have you coming back for more.

Don’t worry sports fans; you won’t have to miss a single play when you want GOBURGER. They have Sunday Brunch Kickoff! They open the doors at 10:00am with NFL Sunday Ticket on the televisions. GOBURGER even has specials like a build-your-own Bloody May bar and Mimosa pitchers for just $10! Along with, buckets of Guinness Black Lager, 5 for $5. Last but not least, drum roll please, the Burger Benedict.  Monday Night Football offers another selection of awesome food. They create two team-themed burgers that go head-to-head for the title of “Burger of the Week!” Um, HELLO, sign me up. Now green light to GO BURGER! There’s a table waiting for you.

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