Meet Dallas Wardrobe Consultant, Amy Wells Havins!

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You walk into your closet and feel overwhelmed. You know that half of your wardrobe confusion comes from vintage (not the good kind) old clothes that lay dormant in your cluttered space. Then the closet cleaning rule pops in your head. In fact, you may even repeat it out loud: “if you haven’t worn it for a year, throw it out.” But those words don’t ever seem to ward against the inevitable hoarding thoughts: “what if I am going to be painting my bedroom and need a worn out t-shirt?” Really? Yes. We all do it. And on and on the justification goes. Back to the confusion. Back to what I like to call the vicious cycle.

We all must come to the conclusion that we need a mediator, a clothing counselor if you will to part with the emotional connection attached to our unflattering jacket from the 90s. Meet Dallas Wardrobe Consultant, Amy Wells Havins! She brings style hope to those who are in knee-deep wardrobe malfunction, or she can provide that extra perk to you fashionably conscious women who just need a little fashion face lift, a knock-out outfit for an important event, or a shopping buddy who will give an honest opinion! Be sure to click through her stylin’ service options for the specific details, and in the meantime, keep up with the trends by saving her totally awesome blog to your bookmark bar!

More exciting news! LOLO Magazine is partnering with this expert fashionista to answer your style questions. In that “how do I wear my new colored denim” moment, the “Ask Amy” button on the sidebar comes to the rescue! Submit your questions, and Amy will email you an answer! And if it is a really good one, we might just post it for all to share. Don’t worry-we will run it by you first!


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