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If you have thought about starting a blog and hesitate, read on and be inspired…

For many years, I have known that my career focus would be fashion. As a college student, I currently spend hours every week in the university sewing room working on draping projects and I love every minute of it.

A little over a year ago, I started a blog called Death of Chivalry. It wasn’t anything special – just something to get my thoughts out and keep a journal of things that interested or inspired me. But the more I blogged, the more I fell in love and the more it became a part of me. It’s become the place where I go to reflect and get my creative juices going.


I keep this quote at the top of my blog. It has always been one of my favorites:
“To be yourself in a world that is constantly fighting to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” –Ralph Waldo Emerson


I want Death of Chivalry to inspire women to have confidence in who they are. Most posts on my blog are anything but normal – artists that people have never heard of, outfits that some wouldn’t dare to wear, and homes that aren’t exactly traditional. The general vibe is something beyond what most 20 year old females have an interest in, but that’s why I love it. It’s a representation of me. I want other women to feel that same comfort in their own skin.

Fashion isn’t a way of dress, it’s a way of life. I’ve tried to portray that through my blog. It’s filled with laid back, acoustic, soulful numbers – the music you can just sit back and enjoy. It encourages a put-together, but relaxed garb, filled with staple wardrobe items and neutral colors. It offers Anthro and Victorian inspired environments where creativity can flourish and serves dishes that arouse a healthy appetite.

My own personal fashion revolves around natural beauty. I value beauty over sex appeal and effortless sophistication over perfected suave. The more effort you put into perfecting something, the less beautiful it becomes. If we open our eyes and value life’s simple pleasures, we can see beauty.

“Beauty is in everything, just not everyone sees it.”

Photo: Alison Busher

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  • Molliee

    Thanks for introducing me to a fab new blog! I love finding inspiration through other bloggers and can’t wait to fully devuor Death of Chivalry! xoxo, Molliee

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