A Powerful Allergy Solution: North Dallas Honey

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The honey-making process is quite intriguing and extensive, especially when it lives up to the North Dallas Honey way of doing things: pure, raw, and unfiltered. I had the opportunity to sit down with Nathan Sheets, the man behind NDH, to get the inside scoop behind this delicious natural sweetener and powerful allergy-preventer!

“Pure” defined: The honey is actually “real” and contains the original pollen. With North Dallas Honey, you know where the honey is coming from. It is not being mass produced in a place unknown or unchaperoned.

“Raw” defined: This Texas honey is gently warmed to about 120 degrees fahrenheit, which allows the honey to be strained through a cheesecloth, eliminating the “bee knees” and the wax. The low temperature keeps the antioxidants and enzymes in place, allowing for great health benefits. The taste is remarkable!

“Unfiltered” defined:  A long story short, North Dallas Honey removes the the bees legs, wings, and wax while leaving in all of the pollen, vitamins, enzymes, antibodies and antioxidants.

The Unfiltered Scoop on Filtered Honey

Filtered, or processed honey is heated up to 190 degrees (killing enzymes and antioxidants) and blended with diatomaceous earth in order to bond to the pollen and particulates. The honey is then pumped through a high pressure filtration system to remove the diatomaceous earth as well as the pollen, and finally it is quickly cooled. The result: an oxymoron–honey without pollen and health benefits!

Real People Talk: A Tablespoon a Day Keeps the Allergies Away

So can honey really prevent allergies? YES! Honey is a natural anti-histamine that blocks inflammation caused from pollens in the air. I think the most powerful testimonies come from the avid North Dallas Honey users:

Mike Gavett: “I had to tell you that after our meeting I began taking your honey daily.  No allergies this year, at all.  I started feeling an onset once and doubled my daily dosage for about four days, and it never hit.  I have told at least 2 dozen people about the positive experience and many are now using your honey.”

Michele Baker:  “After being unsuccessfully treated for allergies with prescription medications, I picked up North Dallas Honey at Sprouts, have a couple of Tbsps every day, and allergy pain is gone.  I haven’t used prescription medications ever since.  THANK YOU!!”

Cary Mitchell: “I started taking NDH daily for allergies..and after 3 days, I stopped taking $100 a month worth of medications. Since then I have told EVERYONE about your honey and have people running to Walmart and Central Market to pick it up…this stuff is as golden as its color!”

Suzan Freytag: “We eat organically and had always bought ‘organic honey’. A client of mine that is a doctor told me to try yours for allergy relief. It has COMPLETELY eliminated allergies for the entire household…it is our daily dose (well, and it’s delicious).”

Not only does honey war off seasonal allergies, it can give you an energy boost or even prevent a pimple! See other medicinal uses here.

North Dallas Honey can be found on a number of shelves at local retailers, including Costco, Albertson’s, Central Market, Kroger, Market Street, Sprouts, Tom Thumb, Wal-Mart and Whole Foods. For all the details, visit www.northdallashoney.com.

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