Kendra Scott Opens Store in West Village: Exclusive Video Interview

1024 819 Shannon Yoachum

Meet the newest addition to the Kendra Scott family–her Dallas location in West Village! It is a store that stunningly showcases her signature pop colors and her couture collection that leans more towards a stunning rustic motif.  Oh, and the best part is the fantastic color bar that allows you to customize any setting with your favorite stones and colors.

We were thrilled to have the opportunity to interview the fabulous woman behind it all this past week. Not only were we greatly inspired by Kendra’s genuine spirit and talent, but we could not get enough of her fun new store, where trying on jewelry is highly encouraged! Visit one of her locations or take a look at the collection online! Trust us, you will love it. Stop by for the perfect gift for a dear friend or family member this holiday season.


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