Shape Up Video: At Home Fitness Moves for your Core

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We know you are busy bees, and that is why we had owner of Omega Performance Training, Eric Hughes, put together a conglomeration of fat-blasting work out moves that are in-home friendly. Stick to these exercises for a week or two; there is no doubt you will start seeing toned results! Stay tuned for more videos to come. Warning: the next one might look a little like SNL.

Exercise 1: Hip Bridge

Lying flat, knees at 90 degrees. Press the heels into the ground raising the hips until the glutes are tight and the hips are fully open – your body should be straight from your shoulders to your knees. This can be done on one leg or with both legs.

If both legs – Hold :30-:45, rest :15, repeat 3-4x
Single Leg – Hold :15-:30, rest :15 switch legs, repeat. Repeat entire sequence 3-4x

Exercise 2: Superman

Lying face down, press your legs tightly together, and squeeze your glutes to raise your legs off the ground. Squeeze the shoulder blades back, together, and down with the arms either by your side with the thumbs pointed down or up in a “Y” position with your thumbs up. This should lift your chest and shoulders off the ground. Keep your abdominals tight and braced the entire time. Be careful not to pinch the low back or hyper extend your spine.

Hold :15-:45, rest :15, repeat 3-4x

Exercise 3: Bottom to bottom air squats

In a normal squatting stance, squat down to hips even with the knees with weight in your heels. This is your starting position. Perform as many air squats as you can for 10 seconds, then hold in the start (bottom) position for 10 seconds. Repeat for a minute. Maintain a straight back, eyes forward, and abs tight.

Start with 10 seconds on 10 seconds off for 1-minute and increase the time as you feel comfortable. Be strict on your form – posture matters! 3-4 sets.

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