be funky cute without regret.

1000 667 Lauren Kennedy

chambray + circle sunnies = a good equation.

spunky to the max.

fur. printed pants. a hat. lovely.

trend alert: sneaker wedges aka “snedges”

there is nothing better than chic tousled hair and calf high booties.


    thank you love all the looks . I am on the plus side is there anyway you can include plus size trends and clothes ! Also photo with the shoes is that a photo of you love it . Keep on smiling you r beauitful inside and out xxoo LB

  • DawnMarie

    Love it! Love you and hope you are doing well… I have been going through some tough times with my head injuries-Your pictures bring a smile to my face and heart!
    God bless you my Beautiful Sister in the Lord! xo

  • Katterfelto (@NecromanticCat)

    Great post! But most of all, thanks for posting the pix of you, Lauren. There is something extraordinary and impossibly magnetic about you. You have the kind of Helen of Troy beauty that could launch a thousand ships, or make a man lose his soul, or go to the ends of the earth. You’re a spectacular creature, so don’t hide your light under a bushel. You are a stunner.

    Personally? I’m waiting for the swimsuit issue, and I hope you’re going to be in it! 🙂

  • Jill Frederick

    I have little use of my left hand due to a silly accident in 2010 in my garage. I just watched a dateline episode and I wonder what scripture keeps you strong. I see all you can do and I know I have given up. What makes you not give up. I used to be out going, active and loved to cook and entertain my friends and family. Now, I take so much medicine for neuropathic pain that I have gained 50 lbs, and I mostly stay at home in my bed. I am a Christian but I can’t seem to rise above this. I am open to hearing how to get out of my down hill spiral. Thank you

    • rika9

      I just wanted to say hang in there, and you will find a reason to keep going. Don’t beat yourself up for feeling like you’ve given up -even if you have given up for awhile, it doesn’t mean you have forever. Maybe you needed time to grieve for the person you were. You will find something to love about who you still are. You might find that writing or blogging helps, if you are able. (If you do blog let me know so I can subscribe.) I’ve never had to deal with something so sudden and life changing, but I do know how hard it can be to reinvent yourself even under non tragic circumstances. I am sure you have friends and family who believe in you too, but just in case a note from a stranger makes a difference… keep going, your life can be good again. 🙂

  • LilyGrace

    Just saw part of your story on Dateline. I say part, because I know there is so much more to you than what was discussed in the news article. It’s as plain as day that you would never allow this event to be a large part of what defines you.

    I hope you don’t mind my off topic intrusion here, but I couldn’t help but want to say to you that you are a true champion. This is a better world because you are in it.

    Keep the Faith and keep on keepin’ on, Miss Lauren!

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