Denim for Every Girl: Hip Chixs

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Fall calls for denim that rocks. Every girl is looking for that perfect pair of jeans that is slimming and well fitting at the same time. Enter Hip Chixs, a line created by two Texas girls who were sorority sisters and best friends at Baylor University. Being obsessed with denim, Aimee and Megan wanted to create a pair of jeans that would fit for every occasion. The duo was looking to make a pair that was breathable, slimming, comfortable yet sexy all at the same time for the ultimate flattering fit. Hip Chixs denim uses angled pockets and curved yoke to make your backside look trim. Need we explain more? Sign us up because we are dying for a pair!

The jeans are lightweight so women can wear them year round in cold or warm weather (yes, perfect for the Texas girl). The fabric has a recovery so that you won’t need to wash them after every wear to keep the fabulous shape. Hip Chixs jeans take less than 5 minutes to go back to their original shape with a fabric that consists of denim sateen to hug in all the right places! Amazing.


So here’s the exciting part! This month Hip Chixs is offering a discount for all the readers! Buy a pair during the month of November and receive 10% off. Let’s go a step further. Buy 2 pairs this month and get 20% off!


Check out Hip Chixs in People Magazine too here!

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