Dutch Braid: How-To

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Most girls have their “go-to” hair style for any date night or party. Mine is always just down with big curls, hair spray, and lots of volume (basic Dallas girl, I know). I’m so excited to share with you though a new idea for any holiday or new years party you have coming up! I love a good braid and Tracy Melton has showed us step-by-step how to do an adorable half up dutch braid.


Start by spritzing your hair with a sea salt spray to get a good beach wave going. From there you’ll curl your hair from the bottom up to the crown with a curling wand. Run your hands through it to loosen up the waves.


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Next, part your hair on the side. Take about a two inch section of hair from your forehead back. Begin your Dutch braid. *For those of you who don’t know what a Dutch braid is, it’s like an inside-out French braid. Same steps as a French braid but you go underneath with your strands instead of over*

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Once you have two braids complete, here comes the fun part! The trick to get larger, fuller braids is to gently pull them out. You’ll take each braid and give it a nice tug in order to make your braid look ‘large and in charge’.

From there, criss-cross the braids in the back and tuck the ends under. Hold them in place with bobby pins. Finish off with hair spray and you’re set!

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