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Okay, I might be behind the times on this one, but I have recently become obsessed with LAFCO candles. I’d heard of them a while ago, but couldn’t really jump on board with spending that dollar amount on a candle. That is, until I got one as a gift. Really, I feel like my life was forever changed.

lafco-candlesThis is the first one I ever got. The scent is rosemary eucalyptus and it’s called “office” (so obviously, I put it in my office). Not only is the smell absolutely heavenly (and super relaxing) but I love how pretty their jars are as well. Also, it takes about 2 minutes for this baby to make my entire office (and the hall next to it) smell amazing.

If you’re not familiar with LAFCO candles, each one is called a different room. So, there’s “office” and “master bedroom” and “living room”, etc. Almost every room in my house has a LAFCO candle, and if it doesn’t…believe me, I will be getting more!

LAFCO-candles LAFCO-candlesLAFCO recently launched a body care line as well that I’m in love with! I’m super hesitant to try out new body soaps or lotions because my skin is really sensitive and breaks out in rashes easily. But, when I got my rosemary eucalyptus candle (the “office” candle), I decided to try the same scent but in the liquid body soap and lotion. I loved it so much that the next week I got the Champagne scent! (which is an amazing blend of ginger, grapefruit, and raspberry. This is probably my favorite scent). Their body soaps and lotions made my skin feel so soft, yet not greasy at all. And I didn’t break out in any rashes from it!

Have you tried LAFCO candles or any of their body care products? I’d love to hear your thoughts on it!

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