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Happy Thanksgiving eve, Lolo readers! Thanksgiving is such a special time. It is so wonderful to spend the day with those you love most, being thankful for the many blessings in life. We want to take a moment to share what we are most thankful for! Read below to hear from each of us- Lo, Melissa, and Tessa. -Love, Team LOLO.

Thanksgiving is one of the sweetest times of the year because it is a reminder to slow down, enjoy our loved ones, and reflect on the beauty in our lives. Whether refinement developed through pain or graceful moments, there is always a reason and importance to joyfully celebrate! This year I am so grateful for the Lord’s faithfulness through my first year of marriage, in the adjustment of moving to a new city, and in the provision of precious new friendships. – Lo

This year I am thankful for my loved ones and the chance to celebrate Thanksgiving together. It is on days like today that my heart feels especially full! There is something so special about being around the table with family & friends.  I am most thankful however for the Lord’s love and grace. It is so amazing to watch the Lord work in our lives- His timing is perfect and for that I am so grateful.  “Trust in the Lord and leave the consequences to Him.”- Dr Charles Stanley. – Melissa

I especially love this season of thankfulness because it re-centers our hearts on the people and experiences that have impacted and graced our lives. This year, I am especially thankful for the Lord’s provision and His faithfulness. Even in times of uncertainty, or in times when our lives have not yet resembled what we thought or dreamt them to be, we are pointed to the goodness and the powerful love of our Father, who enables us to be all that we can be. So, I am thankful for the many friends and family that have been placed in my life as living examples of the depth of the love of our Father. –Tessa


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