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Lo and I both are into the minimalist makeup look, but we each have a few things that we simply cannot live without. Lo swears by the brand Charlotte Tilbury where as I am a Bobbi Brown girl for life. However, her highlighter + lipstick are both so tempting- might need to try them! The bronzer + mascara that I picked are definitely two items that I use each morning. They both are natural looking, but so necessary.  We’ve rounded up a few more pretty makeup items in the slides below. XO

  • Sally

    Hi. I too lost a left eye and have horrible bags and a droopy eyelid. You always look beautiful and so natural. I would love to learn how to shadow my eye so as not to look so ugly. Would this item help? My son gets married in August and I don’t want to embarrass him.Still can’t accept it. Thank you.

    • Lauren Kennedy

      Hi Sally! Thank you for this sweet message 🙂 do you use concealer under your eye? I would love to try to help + praying you find more comfort every day with your eye!

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