Summer Suede Slides

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summer suede slides | lolo magazine

Happy Saturday, everyone! We are so happy that the weekend is here and we’re already savoring the slower, peaceful moments that the weekends always bring. Hopefully you have fun plans ahead or no plans at all- sometimes those are the best kind of plans! Before the day gets going, Melissa and I wanted to share the details on these summer suede slides (which you might recognize from Instagram) because they are currently on sale over at Nordstrom. We both have them (c/o Dr. Scholl’s) and they are beyond comfortable and convenient- just slip them on and go. It’s hard to tell from this pic, but they have a white platform sole which adds a major cool factor and also makes them extremely comfortable on your feet. I don’t know about you, but sometimes super flat sandals are just not an option. Every now and then it’s okay, but shoes without any support aren’t the greatest thing for your feet and can really effect how your whole body feels.  These suede slides will keep your body supported from the ground up and will also bring in quite a few compliments- they are that good.

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