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Who else seems to get slightly overwhelmed by the idea of shopping? And, yes, all of you fashion lovers and shopping gurus, I am talking to you too! A planned retail excursion is fun every once in a while, but the carrying of bags and potential purchases, the dressing room lines, the parking struggle, and the absence of a friend who can say ‘yay’ or ‘nay’ to your choices can just be purely stressful. Not to mention, don’t clothes seem to look different on you in your own closet than they do in a store mirror? On another note, can we all agree how returns are dreadful and time consuming?


Problem solved. Meet Trunk Club, a styling hub that carries high-end clothing from approximately 70 brands. It is not a subscription service. It is based on the timing of your clothing needs. Let me fill you in on how it works: First, you have a fun and casual conversation with your dedicated personal stylist discussing the clothes you are drawn to, what you feel is missing in your closet, and key pieces you are hunting for. This phone chat made me so excited from the start! The goal: every piece in your closet should look great on you. Having a professional do the tough work is relieving + they make the process enjoyable and interesting!


Next step: a trunk shows up at your front door with an array of outfits inside. Yes, shoes included! Option two: You can meet your stylist at the Clubhouse for a fitting in person. This is what I did, and I brought my bestie with me, which made it extra fun! What I loved about my time with my stylist, Audrey, is that I could tell she understood my style – her goal was not to push trends on me but rather to find the perfect pieces for my needs, including basics and statement worthy numbers. It was so fun to discuss what I could really use while trying everything on + I felt so accomplished after the fitting session! Not to mention, Audrey got a better sense of my style even more after our first meeting. I love the fact that I could work with her for a lifetime!


Our main focus was to give my wardrobe a Spring refresh. I wanted a good pair of platform espadrilles, a go-to party dress, some cropped flare pants, and some basic investments, such as a neutral blazer, tan pumps that go with everything, and a solid leather jacket. We found them all. Excitement. On. Another. Level.



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