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I’ve been thinking about lightness a lot lately. Lightness in being- a feeling of being unburdened and light, happy, and free. The thing is though, the reality of life includes things that are heavy, weighty, heartbreaking, difficult, serious, and worrisome. How do we find balance and find that lightness while feeling heartbroken, worried, or fearful? It’s my belief that the Lord did not intend for us to be worried and fearful- He wants us to find joy and peace in Him. Everyone has their own way of dealing with stress and fear, but for me, seeking Him, praying constantly, and surrendering every worry, doubt, and fear up to Him is my way of finding lightness in the midst of worry, fear, or doubt. It’s amazing the freedom that can be found by releasing everything to Him and no longer feeling the responsibility to carry it all on our shoulders. I pray that we can all find freedom and peace and a light way of being, despite the circumstances that life can bring.

Drastically shifting directions, summer is all about being light. Living lightly, gently, and adventurously outside in the sunshine. Wearing light clothes in the summer almost goes without saying, but I love the feeling of comfort and easy-breeziness when wearing something airy and loose. This goes for all times of the year too, not just summer. I think we can all agree that wearing something stiff, heavy, and uncomfortable is pretty awful. It’s fascinating how what you have on, how it feels and fits, can really have an affect on your mood. Below are links to a few summer pieces that invite the feeling of lightness.

lightness | lolo magazine | lauren scruggs kennedy

lightness | lolo magazine | lauren scruggs kennedy

lightness | lolo magazine | lauren scruggs kennedy


Outfit details- Lo is wearing a bandana from madewell + an outfit from vetta + platform espadrilles from vince.

P.S. These images were shot by the incredible Hannah Burton– she is a talented, kind, and amazing person. Be sure to follow her over on Instagram, too. 


  • Caroline Mittel

    Amen!! Isn’t it wonderful that as believers we get to cast our cares on Him because He cares for us?! So refreshing. I love reading your blog…so beautiful and encouraging! (and I need that dress!!!)

  • Kairah James

    Such a great message! I really enjoyed how you were able to draw the connection between feeling spiritually light and unburdened with the comfort of wearing light clothing. Also, I’m absolutely loving your new website! As a someone who views you as an amazing role model to young Christian women like myself, I’m thrilled to see you continuing to pursue God’s calling for your life in such a unique and creative way. Having read your book Still Lolo and watched you navigate this journey from afar, I am constantly inspired by your strength, vulnerability, authenticity and beauty both inside and out!

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