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mornings | lolo magazine | lauren scruggs kennedy

Call me crazy, but I absolutely love mornings. There is something so special about the start to a new day that gets me excited to wake up. It is full of opportunities, possibilities, and blessings yet to be known. Each day when driving my 30 minute commute into work, I listen to 95.1 Shine FM– a Christian radio station that plays current, popular songs from artists like Francesca Battistelli, Hillsong, Love & The Outcome, Toby Mac, and many more. Plus, the radio station hosts are so inspiring, encouraging, and quite funny at times. Listening to 95.1 puts me in the best mood and helps get my focus on the Lord before the work day gets going. One morning when driving and listening, I heard one of the hosts say something along the lines of “Each morning when you wake up, ask the Lord how He wants to use you today and surrender yourself to His plan”.  Hearing this concept in this way had a huge effect on me. From that moment on, I made it my daily effort to be more intentional each morning in giving up control and seeing the day as the Lord’s day and not my own. And what a blessing it has been- there is this crazy freedom that comes from depending on Him and releasing my grip on the normal day to day things.

mornings | lolo magazine | lauren scruggs kennedy

From just hearing that one line on the radio, my mornings, my days, and my attitude and perspective on life have all been greatly impacted. Isn’t it amazing how something that simple can have that much of an influence on us? Since that day, I have been training my mind to think of the Lord first thing when I wake up – before I start to think about the emails that could be on my phone, that morning to do list I have on the counter of chores to complete before work, and even before I start dreaming of that cup of coffee that will be mine in a just a few minutes – thank you, Keurig! Thinking of the Lord as soon as my eyes are open and saying a quick prayer before getting out of bed has made my mornings, days, and life in general much more peaceful. It has helped me focus on what He has in store for me each day which ultimately leads to a more positive, grateful, and light way of being, instead of that burdened, worried, and stressed way of being that results from focusing on the to-dos and the business of everyday life.

mornings | lolo magazine | lauren scruggs kennedy

Once I am up, settling into the morning with a hot cup of black coffee is my favorite part of the day. It is a definite ritual that I look forward to each morning. While the Keurig is heating up, I turn on a sermon (like this one) to listen to for about 30 minutes while I drink my coffee and work on the mag. A few months ago, Lauren and I connected with a company called The Created Co. and they have been incredibly kind and sent us this mug (pictured above) as well as this mug. Their mugs are made of quality materials and have cool, inspirational quotes on them that make you want to get up and get going! They also have an awesome Instagram account that is super inspiring as well. What we really love about The Created Co. is their missionWe’re creating drinkware to inspire, connect, and empower people because many of life’s most meaningful moments occur alongside a drink. How true and amazing is that!? I can’t think of a better way to start the day than with a thankful heart, a few moments with the Lord, and a cup of coffee in a mug that is made to inspire and empower.

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