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confidence + clothing | lolo magazine

I am a big believer in the idea that a good outfit can help make for a good day. It sounds a little trivial, but in my experience, it is pretty darn true. I can think back to certain days that I just loved what I was wearing and because of that, I had an extra pep in my step, an extra boost of confidence, and a grounded feeling that felt very me, very right. On the contrary, I can also think of days that I was wearing an itchy sweater, a dress that I didn’t realize was see-through until I was at work, or a pair of jeans that caused sharp pains to my stomach every time I sat down; safe to say that those outfit days were definitely not the best days. Now, I might be overly sensitive as well (#truth) because if I am wearing something that is not working, or something that is just not making me feel like the best version of myself, I get a little crabby. Now of course happiness isn’t dependent on clothing, and clothing cannot make you happy as it is not everlasting nor fully satisfying, but on a certain level, our moods are definitely affected by what we wear. This is even more so for ladies that really value fashion and have a deep love for style. I am not sure why, but the power of outfit choices over our mood is something that I think of quite often. This is not a scientific theory whatsoever, but below I have broken down a few elements that make for outfit happiness, which can result in really good feels and confident days.

-It fits you. No more shoes that are a half size too small or jeans that hug and tug at places that you would prefer no hugging or tugging. I remember a pair of flares that I would try to wear over and over again because I desperately wanted them to work. And then it occurred to me, it’s not me, it’s the jeans! It might sound dramatic, but I felt a sense of relief once I consigned them. They didn’t fit me and caused for irritable moments whenever I attempted to wear them. Not worth the struggle! When clothes fit you right, you won’t have to think about them once they are on you. No struggling needed, just enjoyment.

-It’s comfortable. This goes with the above point, but comfort is so crucial. If you aren’t comfortable, confidence is going to be a challenge. No matter where the day takes you or what unfolds, a comfortable outfit will do you well from the start of the day to the end of the day. If I were to pick out my five favorite articles of clothing, one thing that they would all have in common is comfort. My favorite jeans? Comfy. My favorite dress? SO comfy.

-It’s appropriate. Weather appropriate, work appropriate, occasion appropriate and so on. Now of course everyone’s interpretation and definition of “appropriate” will differ, and that is what makes personal style and self expression so fun, unique, and exciting. However, if I walk out of the house wearing a dress in March (in Maryland) because I think it should be spring, while the temp is still in the 50’s, that is going to make for an interesting situation. In my personal experience, when I am wearing an outfit that I deem as appropriate given the weather and my plans, I am going to have a confidence about my sartorial choice when I am walking down the street or walking into a party and that is a confidence that I like to have, all of the time.

-It feels very you. Developing and owning your sense of self is such an amazing journey and experience. Putting outfits together is so fun because it is a chance to creatively portray yourself through your sartorial choices. That being said, why wear anything that is not a true representation of you and what you love? I 100% feel my best when I am wearing something that makes sense for me.

-It reflects your current style goals. Personal style changes and evolves as we change and evolve- how cool! There was a time that I loved a-line dress. Nowadays, I prefer a shift style or something that is easy and flowy, and I feel my best in neutral colors. Therefore, a royal blue a-line dress from J. Crew is no longer working for me and my style. It did at one time and for that I am grateful, but it no longer makes me happy to wear it, and that is totally fine. That just means that it is time to part with it and find it a new, happy home.

It is my goal to only have outfit options in my wardrobe that jive with the above five points. It has been said many times before, but only having things that you love in your closet results in stress-free outfit planning and successful outfit combos. I don’t know about you, but I like the sound of that. A lot. When we love what we have on, we will have a peace and confidence about us. And on the flip side, if there comes a day when you don’t love what you have on, tell yourself that you are rocking it anyway, pull out that inner confidence, and move forward! Afterwards, go home and put on comfy clothes ASAP and put whatever was not working in the donate/consign pile. Immediately 🙂 xo melissa

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