Recap: the Blueprint Event in Dallas.

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First of all, Blue Print might be the most darling furniture store in Dallas. It sits on the cutest street that is filled with so much character, and the talent of interior design inside this gem of a spot is on another level. It truly is inspiring and gives me so many design ideas for our own house!

Lauren Sims and I had so much fun hosting this event with two of the precious owners, Cynthia and Leslie. We took a break from mingling with the most lovely ladies and discussed fall fashion trends and for the most fun part – Cynthia and Leslie filled us in on where interior trends are heading. Thank goodness it doesn’t shift as fast as the sartorial world – we would be broke! They also gave us tips on how to design well. The keys: have good foundational pieces and start with a neutral palette (hint hint: white walls allow for fabulous textures and colors in fabric and furniture).

Last night was such a special time! Thanks for everyone who came out to join! xx

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  • Cynthia Collins

    We LOVED having you! Thank you for sharing your time and family with us. You are such a special person filled with talent, creativity, and love. Come back next time but don’t leave the new baby behind!

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