A Travel Guide: Laguna Beach

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Whether it’s a restaurant, a Pilates class, or a hotel, when I find a place that feels like home, I tend to stick to my ways. I definitely enjoy branching out, but I love having my foundational go-to spots. Although we adore our home in beautiful Los Angeles, escapes are so necessary in the Kennedy household. We crave a change of scenery and a place to decompress from the normal routine, and I might go as far to say that Laguna Beach is our obsession. It is one of those places where are phones disappear and we fully decompress.

Bonus for the mini road trip commute: great conversation and travel tunes. #doesntgetbetter + side note: I love how the temperature continues to drop on the ocean bound adventure, and when we start feeling the sea breeze on the most darling little main street, windows go down, and freedom sets in.


I must admit, I feel like I hired myself on the marketing team of the Montage Laguna Beach because I love it that much. It has truly become our home away from home, and we automatically decompress into our Laguna Beach routine when we arrive. First, we fully unpack to feel completely settled and organized. Then we always get in our beach attire and head to the spa pool. It is so peaceful, has the yummiest food, my favorite spa in all the land, an ocean view gym, and the cutest little boutique where I always buy a “souvenir” (insert laughing emoji). P.S. my favorite part about this place is that the same people work there for years, and they all are the sweetest, most joyful people who always have something amazing up their sleeve – i.e. they know I love organic produce and planted me a pineapple. {above and beyond. always.}


The way Jason and I define vacation is good food, bathing suits, peace, and spas, so this is our heaven! Must do’s at this magical place:

  1. Go for a run on the beach, cross the rocks if the tide allows, and watch local surfers do their thing.
  2. Take a bath. When I am traveling, a good bath tub is high priority on my list, and these might be the best in the world. P.S. their bath accessories are on another level. A peek into our daily schedule: I go to the room to take a bath and take my time getting ready while Jase sneaks away to the spa for a nap next to the waterfall. Yes, please.
  3. Go an hour before dinner to the lobby for a drink and conversation before dinner. It is truly the most lovely atmosphere that feels like a big cozy living room.
  4. We love going into the town for dinner. Scroll below for our top three recommendations.




  1. 230 Forest Avenue. This place has the most delicious food in the heart of the beach town. It is a romantic, cheerful, and relaxed place with the windows wide open.
  2. Nick’s. The mood of this eatery is perfect for a beach night out. They have everything from local market vegetables to loaded baked potatoes, Scottish salmon to baby back pork ribs, and the meals will never disappoint. It is such a cozy environment and a much recommended place in Laguna Beach.
  3. Ramos House in San Juan Capistrano. I can’t speak personally of this place because it is the first priority on our go-to list in this town. It was recommended to us by my foodie mom friend in Dallas, who is the most delightful chef and knower of all things yummy. Let us know how it is if you beat us to it!

P.S. We would love to hear your recommendations as well! xoxo


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