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2016_10_28_lolomag5-525-editThe weekends are precious, you guys. Lo and I always look forward to them as I am sure do as well. It usually means more downtime, less work, more fun times with your friends and family, and quality time with your significant other. Weekends also allow more time for hobbies, errands, and things that you have been wanting to do, but didn’t have time for during the week. Precious weekend time goes by fast though, and before you know it it’s Monday morning once again.  To savor weekend time as much as possible, we try to intentionally put away phones every now and again through out the weekend. This isn’t a “rule” by any means and it’s not 100% of the time, because phone calls with friends/family members, Instagram moments, and other iPhone things are fun and part of weekend life. However, putting the phone away does open up time to fully appreciate the moment, your surroundings, and the people in your life. Give it a try this coming weekend and let us know how it goes. For us, our minds, hearts, and eyes always love the break from screen time. Details for this fall dress look are below // xo meliss + lo2016_10_28_lolomag5-521-edit    2016_10_28_lolomag5-497-edit 2016_10_28_lolomag5-512-edit   2016_10_28_lolomag5-477-edit 2016_10_28_lolomag5-480-edit 2016_10_28_lolomag5-459-edit 2016_10_28_lolomag5-455-edit 2016_10_28_lolomag5-443-edit

the outfit: 

dress // same one in different color (c/o)

booties // on sale! (c/o)

sunnies // old

bag // (c/o)

 similar sweater dresses:

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