slow cooked scrambled eggs with turmeric and cilantro

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scrambled eggs with turmeric and cilantro

These slow-cooked scrambled eggs are dangerously good. I make these on saturday and/or sunday mornings at the farm with with toast and bacon for Hamilton, and a croissant for me. I cook these eggs in butter (in a cast iron skillet) as a weekend treat, and I think the butter is part of the reason why they are so good! Shocker, right? The other secret is low heat for a longer amount of time- that really makes a big difference.  

ingredients //

4 -6 eggs




steps //

-Crack eggs and whisk them up in a bowl

-Heat butter over low heat in a skillet

-Pour the eggs in and be patient! Cooking over low heat is key

-Lightly scramble as they begin to cook

-It will take about four-five minutes total

-Remove from heat when they are about 90% done and put on a plate ASAP

-Sprinkle turmeric and cilantro on top

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