In The Kitchen: GreenPan

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image via GreenPan Pinterest 

Eating healthy is something that both Lo and I are very passionate about, as is toxic-free living. Living completely toxin free is nearly impossible since there are toxins in the environment that we are exposed to that are entirely out of our control. However, there are toxins that we can control, like what sort of home cleaning products we use, what beauty products we put on our bodies, and what cookware we use to cook our food.

Buying and eating organic is great, but what if you cook those organic vegetables in a skillet that releases toxic fumes once it gets super hot? So bad! Enter GreenPan. Their ceramic technology is intentionally designed to prevent the toxic fumes from happening, but still allowing for a nonstick cooking surface. How amazing is that?

I am now totally hooked on GreenPan products and have a few pieces. You can shop the line over at Sur La Table as well- below are our favorites!

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