Savoring the Christmas spirit

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savoring the Christmas spirit | lolo magazine

There is something so sweet about the holiday season- a sort of “magic” that fills the air, our homes, and everywhere we go. It’s an underlying excitement and joy that is unique to this time of year. We are making it our goal to savor the Christmas spirit and hold on tight to it, even after the new year. May we all carry it with us in to 2017, spreading good cheer everywhere we go. Below are a few ideas of how we can do this // xx meliss

Smile always! A smile is seriously so powerful- it can easily spread joy

Invite people over more to gather around the table for dinner at home- playing hostess is enjoyable anytime of the year

Give a gift for no reason to someone special in your life or to someone in need

Send cards as much as possible. Buy them, sign them, and send them snail mail. This could be for birthdays, thank yous, or just to say hello

Dress up for fun. Even if you are just going out to dinner in your hometown, put on your favorite outfit and make it a special night, just because

-We say baking cookies, scones, and muffins is an all-year-long kind of thing. And to make it even better, whip up a big batch and gift some of them to family and friends

Decorate your home with fresh flowers and other decor that makes your home space feel cozy and welcoming

Keep that glimmer in your eye all year long! People have a certain “look” this time of year and we are determined to keep it past the holiday season

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