the wine country.

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To preface this post, Jase and I are not big “wine” people (enter laugh emojis). We like it on occasion, and my dad has taught me a lot about it, but we still have not developed a big desire to enjoy it often. Enter the wine country + I am going to tell you what won us over.

c699d4ec-b2ab-4a3c-bc64-9e1800329656Living in the beautiful state of California has so many benefits, one being the stunning destinations within hours of our backyard. We have heard the most lovely reviews of Napa Valley and the charming little towns surrounding it, so we decided that we would escape for a week early celebration of J’s birthday and our two year anniversary. December is always so full of the most wonderful festivities!

img_9023Jase and I flew into San Francisco and had the most beautiful drive to the wine country. Side note: our trip started out on an extra good note because I noticed an R&D Kitchen when we were starving and nearing our hotel. It is one of my favorite restaurants in all the land. After a fun dinner, we drove into our home for the next few days – the magical Auberge du Soleil. They totally spoiled us with a room upgrade for the special occasion, and we slept like babies in the coziest bed. P.S. Their bathtub was a dream, and the bathroom floors were heated. Those little details made the weekend extra special and relaxing.

img_9068On the first day, we had the yummiest breakfast at the hotel overlooking the valley. Then we adventured to Del Dotto winery first. We had a dry-humored tour guide who made the excursion and wine tastings extra fun and informative. It was such an experience to try the wine from aged barrels that were stationed in a cave. We then went to Cakebread. The sweetest man took us on such a lovely tour; it was extra special, and their wine is delicious. What I love most about the wine country is the stories behind the wineries and the families that started these farms so long ago. We ate at Press that night, and it was such a sweet time together, and it was the coziest atmosphere accompanied by the most delicious food.

img_9003img_9056Day two was our most favorite. We went to Nickel & Nickel and had the time of our lives. Our tour guide, Walt, was so passionate about wine and grapes and people + he was an absolute blast. We were with a group of Georgian dads who go every year and knew Walt well, so it was such a bonus! I was so thankful for our time there. We laughed our hearts out and cancelled our next winery because spa time at Auberge sounded just perfect. After a restful afternoon, we indulged in the most wonderful Italian food at Bottega. We couldn’t recommend it more.

img_9135Day three was our final day, and we loved the outdoor infinity pools and steam rooms too much to part. We each had the most incredible massages, packed up, and explored the darling town of Yountville. Also, I must say the wine country has extra delight in the holiday season. Beautiful wreaths, fully lit trees, and the comforting smell of garland only added to the stunning scenery of these farm towns. We had so much fun making this trip our own, and we are already excited to go back soon!


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