Why We Love Everlane Shoes

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Today we are sharing why we love Everlane shoes. We knew that we liked them, but now that Lauren and I each own a few pairs and have worn them many times, we are completely sold. Everlane shoes are responsibly made, thoughtfully designed, and made out of high quality leather. They are also extremely practical, versatile, stylish, and comfortable. Comfort is so important when it comes to shoes. Long gone are the days of sacrificing comfort for style. We want a stylish shoe, but comfort is #1. Comfortable shoes allow us the freedom to enjoy long days, go exploring, travel well, be pain-free, and so much more. In addition, we are big believers in investing in quality shoes, rather than buying a lot of not-so-great shoes. Everlane fits the bill for quality shoes that will last. Below are a few of our favorite Everlane shoe styles.

Why We Love Everlane Shoes | Lauren Scruggs Kennedy Click to shop our favorite Everlane shoe styles:

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  • Eshika Roy

    Thank you for sharing this amazing shoe brand with us. The shoes look really amazing and has an understated elegance to it. It looks like the perfect blend of style and durability. I will definitely buy a pair of these shoes. Looking forward to read more amazing posts in the future.

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