Los Angeles Favorite: Carasoin Spa.

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I have realized time and time again these last two years that it takes TIME to find your places in a new city: the yoga studio, the facial haven, the cozy breakfast spot. It also takes a lot of trials and errors and can sometimes feel a bit discouraging. Personal side note: I have been clinging very tightly to my Dallas spots, which makes every visit quite full of appointments. I recently made a pact with myself to find my Cali places so the precious time in Texas could fully be dedicated to family, friends, and relaxation.

Enter the hidden gem: Carasoin. I saw this recommendation from a friend on Snapchat and immediately took a screen shot, and I am so glad I did! Carasoin is the combination of two French words, Caress and Soigner, that embody the principles and philosophies of this spa; to revitalize your skin, body and soul while creating an experience that leaves you feeling exquisite. This day spa and clinic did just that and absolutely exceeded my expectations.

The moment you walk into the spa, it feels extra special. Carasoin is owned by the most lovely couple, and it is an embodiment of a lifelong dream by it’s Founder, Lena Bratschi. It is so special because they personalize your treatment based on your skincare needs that day. While Lena was treating my skin, I asked her how she became passionate about her business. Her answer only made me love her more! She was super close to her granny growing up, who lived in the midst of beautiful gardens in Switzerland, and she would go make homemade beauty products straight from the plants. #dream

Other fun facts about Lena: she grew up in Switzerland, the land of incredible spas and relocated to London to pursue the best in skincare education, Lena attained the prestigious CIDESCO qualification, the highest internationally recognized certification for beauty/skincare, becoming one of only a handful of professionals in the USA to boast this qualification.

More about this dream spot: Nestled in the very heart of West Hollywood, Carasoin is a full service boutique day spa and skin clinic featuring both hands-on and cutting edge machine based treatments, from Anti-Ageing Facials to Deep Tissue Massage and Body Scrubs & Wraps to chemical peels. The spa is a mix of British and Swiss sensibilities, designed to provide a chic and intimate setting; one which feels more like you’re stepping in to an elegant home, even though you have just entered an advanced Day Spa & Skin Clinic that showcases the highest standards in skincare. Yes please!

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  • Brandy

    That’s amazing lauren. I have just finished up the esthetics program and can’t wait to embark on this new journey. Your description made that come alive!

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