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Following up on our thoughts for the new year post from Tuesday, I want to chat a little bit more about saving more and spending less. Anyone else making this a priority in 2017? I would love to hear from you in the comment section below. Saving money is a hard thing, as needs and wants are real. However, this year I am making it my heart’s mission to resist most wants and stay strictly to the need list when making purchases. Working in the fashion industry is a major blessing and I am so thankful for what I do, but it does make the desire for new sartorial items quite strong. This year, I want to be more aware and conscious of the desire to shop, and have the control to reel it in when necessary. Something that I *try* to always keep in mind is this: appreciate more, accumulate less. I plan to write this down and repeat it on the regular, when something new catches my eye that I don’t actually need / xx meliss


  • Melissa

    Wow so happy that someone is talking about being responsible instead of young woman thinking that’s all they need is the next best shoe or jeans or bag. I need and want to do the same focus more on learning/reading my bible and health 🙂 Thank you!!

  • Morgan

    Love that thought – ‘appreciate more, accumulate less’! And this is definitely something I’ve been thinking about too. I just finished watching ‘Minimalism: A documentary about the important things’. I loved the film and would totally recommend!

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