Clean, Safe, and Beautiful Lipsticks

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Lip color is such a fun accessory- we love playing around with colors depending on our mood and outfit. However, a lot of lipsticks unfortunately contain harmful and toxic ingredients. That is not very appealing, to say the least. We all deserve clean, safe, and beautiful lipsticks! That is where the brand, Kosas, comes in. Kosas lipsticks are made with the best natural ingredients like green tea, rosehip and grape seed oils. When we first heard about Kosas via goop, we were so intrigued, and once we tried out their lipsticks (thank you, Kosas!) we were totally sold. The lip color goes on so well, it’s weightless, lasts, and looks so good. It’s mind-blowing to us the harmful toxins that are in so many beauty and self-care products. We are so thankful for brands like Kosas, that make safe alternatives that are extremely effective and completely beautiful.

Find Lo’s outfit deets at the bottom! xo

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