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We are so inspired lately by a campaign that Cladwell is running. For those of you that don’t know, Cladwell is a company passionate about helping people downsize their wardrobe, which in turn helps simplify one’s life, opening up time for the things that really matter like spending time with family, doing things that you love, and having time to rest. Their #TakeTheTime campaign encourages people to take time to do what we love each day. Taking the time to do these good-for-the soul things makes life so special, meaningful, and purposeful. We find that slowing down and savoring these moments make such a big difference in our mindsets and how we approach life. Read on to see how we love to take the time + get Lo’s outfit details at the bottom. 

Lo’s list

-Take the time to read your favorite book

-Take the time to go to yoga

-Take the time to think and pray

-Take the time to greet your husband with hugs and kisses

-Take the time to make your favorite homemade latte

Melissa’s list

-Take the time to cook homecooked meals

-Take the time to read an inspirational book before bed

-Take time to read a devotional page or biblical verse before work

-Take the time to call my parents each day

-Take the time for date night once a week

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