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I truly believe that I was meant to discover Juice Beauty as I found out about the clean skincare and makeup company three different ways, at about the exact same time. I took that coincidence as a cue that I needed to give their products a try. I first learned about the brand via Anthropologie’s website since they sell it, then I realized that goop’s skincare line was created in collaboration with Juice Beauty, and then I found out that Lauren was interested in Juice Beauty as well. Long story short, the stars aligned and Juice Beauty was brought to my attention. At the time I currently only own one Juice item, their amazing concealer, but their mascara and creamy blush are on my next-to-buy list. I love that the Juice team is so passionate about clean, safe ingredients. Also, the concealer is very effective and does not cause me to break out. I have had quite the time dealing with some acne on my chin and it is so sensitive to concealers. I want to cover it up, but with something that will not smother it, irritate it, or make it worse. I have tried so many concealers out there, and finally Juice Beauty’s perfecting concealer saved the day. It’s such a relief knowing that it is free of toxins and harsh chemicals. Below are a few images via Anthropologie + Juice Beauty products we want to try.

*image above via the juice beauty pinterest page via this blog post

concealer | pressed powder | cream blush | mascara | lip cream


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