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Hey guys! Melissa here and I am sharing my morning smoothie recipe + my love for Moon Juice– a shop dedicated to a holistic approach to healthy living, including the most amazing medicinal ingredients to add to your morning smoothies.

What I personally love about smoothies is the variety of smoothies that you can make. I go through phases of what I put in mine and switch up what ingredients I use, depending on the day and my mood. The recipe I have going now is super good, so I just had to share. This smoothie includes three Moon Juice products- their Beauty Dust,  Ashwagandha, and H0 Shou Wu. Below are the ingredients + explanation of benefits for each Moon Juice product.


1 cup almond milk or water (or sometimes I do 1/2 and 1/2!)

1/2 frozen banana

A handful of organic frozen blueberries

Teaspoon of Ashwagandha from Moon Juice

Teaspoon of Ho Shou Wu from Moon Juice

Teaspoon (+ a little more) of Beauty Dust from Moon Juice (c/o)

Tablespoon of Spirulina (from Whole Foods)

–blend all together in a blender until smooth–

Benefits are below as described on Moon Juice’s site– head there to read more! They do a great job at explaining each product.

Ashwagandha: calms the nervous system + soothes anxiety and improves sleep

Ho Shou Wu: encourages youthfulness, sex drive, + helps to balance hormones and give you a healthy glow

Beauty Dust: think glowing skin, shiny hair, and bright eyes

Moon Juice’s collection of moon dusts is so amazing. You can add them to smoothies, water, or even your morning coffee. They have quite a few versions including spirit dust, brain dust, and more, but I have only tried the beauty dust so far and love it.

*feature image via moon juice

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