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Hey guys! Thanks for reading. Today we are talking love- with Valentine’s Day next week, it’s on the mind 🙂 As you know, Lo is married to her best friend, Jason, and we thought it would be fun for her to dish on their married life! Keep reading for more! xo


Jason and I have been married for a little over two years, and I must say first that being a wife is the best gift I have ever received. My abs have improved due to my consistent belly laughs, my character has strengthened from being lovingly challenged, my walls have slowly been knocked down due to feeling safe to communicate the good, the embarrassing, and the hard. I moved to an apartment in California six months before we got married, and have lived here over two years now. I must admit, marriage is such a learning process. It took us time to truly get each other on the most internal level and create a rhythm as a couple (and we are still learning and adjusting!).  It took productive fights and misunderstandings and vulnerability to get there, but man is it worth it. I know we still have so much learning ahead of us, but it has been the most enriching journey to experience thus far. Not to mention, these two years have created such a solid foundation. Our priority is creating intentional time together to talk deeply, to not talk deeply, to crush, to flirt, to be adventurous and random, to lay in bed all day. We were both saying last night that we have never enjoyed spending time together as much as we do now! Jason is truly my best friend and my favorite travel partner, and life is so much better with him + living with a boy is so much greater than I ever imagined! I am thankful for how he leads our family spiritually, supports my passions, loves me fully despite my quirks, communicates with his whole heart, listens, takes care of me emotionally, intentionally develops community, and makes me feel like a priority! I am often overwhelmed with gratefulness that the Lord chose me to be his wife.


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