10 Ways to Rest the Mind, Body, and Soul

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Rest and peace are such special gifts in this life, and are also so necessary to our well-being. I find it nearly impossible to live a joyful, centered life when my mind and soul are not in a peaceful place and my physical body is worn out. Below we are sharing 10 ways to rest the mind, body, and soul. These are things to keep in mind when hard times, overwhelming situations, and moments of doubt come your way- all of which are inevitable, but also so temporary. Keep the faith, friend, and keep pressing on! XO

*Trust the Lord

*Worry less, Pray more

*Take one day at a time

*Write things down- lists and journaling

*Turn off the TV

*Turn on worship music

*Talk less, listen more

*Read before bed

*Drink tea

*Be still


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  • Alexis Gartman

    With 4 kids, it’s so important to have balance in my life. So, I pray, pray and pray some more! I trust in the Lord and always look for opportunities to serve others! Being kind to strangers always makes me feel good inside too! I love Everyone, so be kind to strangers, you never know whose watching you!

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