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Summer is such a fun season- full of travel, relaxation, and sunshine. There is no doubt though that the sun is super strong, so it is so important to stay safe while under the rays. We recently discovered the clean sunscreen brand, Coola, and love that it protects our skin from the sun while being free of toxins. Along with clean sunscreen, below are tips for having safe fun in the sun as we prepare to spend more time outside in the upcoming months. Enjoy! xx

*Big floppy hat: Not only will it help keep the sun off of your face, neck, and shoulders, but it is also a total style statement. Win-win!

*Safe sunscreen: Coola is a great brand for sunscreen that is free of harsh and dangerous chemicals. It is so important to use a clean sunscreen since you are literally rubbing it all over your skin!

*Re-apply: I am extremely guilty of not doing this. Putting on sunscreen in the morning isn’t enough! Be sure to re-apply every few hours. That means if you are out for the day, throw it in your tote bag and don’t forget about it.

*Quality sunnies: Investing in a quality pair of sunnies that protect against UV rays is so important. I have learned lately that investing in 1-2 pairs of quality sunnies is better than having more low-quality pairs.

*Rock a one-piece: Bikinis are so fun of course, but for a long day at the beach a one piece might not be a bad idea! Protect the tummy skin from the sun while also being totally cute and on-trend.

*Light layers: A cute tunic, or a light top + shorts, or flowy pants + a tank, are all great options to cover up when you are still outside, but have had enough sun.

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