Two Healthy Weeknight Dinner Ideas

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Hey guys! Lo and I are so excited to share two healthy weeknight dinner ideas that we find ourselves making almost once a week. We are all about healthy, wholesome ingredients + ease and simplicity. Below are two dinners that you will feel good about preparing, eating, and cleaning up! Easy to make, good for you, and a simple clean-up guaranteed. Scroll down for the details! xx image via MyDomaine

LO // The Forbidden Rice Bowl

*Forbidden rice

*Steamed or sauteed kale

*Fermented cabbage


*Steamed broccoli

*Shredded carrots

*Sauteed chicken

*Avocado sauce: mix together one avocado, fresh lemon juice, and fresh garlic

–Mix ingredients + the avocado sauce in a bowl together and enjoy!!

MELIS // salmon + avo on rice

*serving size of baked salmon (6 oz) per person (bake 400 degrees for about 10 minutes)

*slices of avocado

*brown rice (I love the frozen organic brown rice from Trader Joe’s- so easy)

*tamari sauce

— Place salmon on rice, drizzle tamari sauce on top, and then put your avocado slices on top of that.

Another great addition would be some cilantro leaves. Enjoy!


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